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Family Mexican Restaurant

A Warm Welcome to Mexico Lindo Family Restaurant

How Mexico Lindo Family Restaurant Started

heuvos con Machaca

Heuvos con Machaca with corn tortillas

Mexico Lindo Family Restaurant was founded in 2002 by Aurelia Martinez. Aurelia has a passion for customer service and great tasting food. She used that passion for creating a restaurant, which when you visit, you will feel that you are in her home.

Like this delicious dish, Huevos con Machaca with corn tortillas, the food she serves is created from authentic family recipes. From her kitchen to your table, she serves fresh, delicious food in a pleasant and friendly manner.

Warm and Inviting Decor

wall mural

Gondolier near Xochimilco Mexico

Aurelia recognized that having a warm and inviting decor was important to the success of the restaurant. She achieved this by having the walls painted with murals of scenes from Mexico. As you sit at your table, and view scenes from the Mexican countryside, it is easy to imagine yourself there.

In addition to the colorful murals, the remaining walls are painted in pastel colors and have a decorative tile trim.

Comfortable and Relaxing Seating

picture of booth seating

Comfortable bench seating at Mexico Lindo

Finally, Aurelia added comfortable booth and table seating. The backs of the benches in the booths are decorated with common animals and painted in authentic colors.

Aurelia invites you to join her in either Corvallis or in North Albany. Mexico Lindo is open 7 days a week.

Thank You for Visiting With Us


637 NW Hickory Street in North Albany
(Enter opposite Starbucks). 541-981-2379 (Need directions?)


5228 SW Philomath Blvd, Corvallis 541-752-0201 ( Need directions?)